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405 Hampton St,

Hampton, 3188


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Smoothie Bar in Hampton

Drop by Shakes Juice & Ice Cream Bar if you are looking for a smoothie bar in Hampton!

We serve a variety of dairy fitness and super smoothies with supplements. 

Super Healthy Smoothies

Persuading kids to eat fruit and vegetables is not always easy. Based in Hampton, Shakes Juice & Ice Cream Bar provides a variety of heathly smoothies with a creamy texture that your children will love.

Our range of smoothies includes:

  • Tango
  • Paradise
  • Berry Nice
  • Banana Creamy
  • Magical Mango

Give your children a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie before dropping them at school, and pick up an award-winning green smoothie or any other flavour from our large selection for yourself!

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake with our smoothies!


Smoothie Bar Hampton Sandringham Hampton East, Brighton East

Fitness and Super Smoothies

Do you find consuming the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables challenging? Grab a smoothie at Shakes Juice & Ice Cream Bar to ensure your body meets its nutritional needs!

We offer fitness smoothies including Protein Punch, Morning Recovery, Blueberry Burst, etc., and we also have dairy-free options such as Energy Fix, Fitness Frst and Body Balance.

You are free to choose between lite milk, soy milk and almond milk, and you can top it up with supplements like soy protein, multivitamin, spirulina, chia, etc. Visit us to place your order!

Top your smoothies with any of our superfoods!


Smoothie Bar Hampton Sandringham Hampton East, Brighton East

Our large selection of smoothies includes:

Island Zest

Fruit Surprise

Mango Delight

Berry Banger

Pineapple Spike

Strawberry Breeze

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